Rancho Santa Fe is considered one of the most expensive areas in our country to live. The lots in "the Ranch" are usually one or more acres. Homes in "the covenant" of "the ranch" often are large enough to permit horses. It is not unusual to drive down a Rancho Santa Fe street and find yourself next to someone on horseback. They on the trail and you in your car.

The village of Rancho Santa Fe is a charming area to visit. The newly built Rancho Santa Fe Elementary School is in the village. The Rancho Santa Fe Golf Club has a golf course and tennis courts and offers membership to anyone living within the covenant. It is centrally located in the covenant and many homes border on the golf course.

The streets have no sidewalks,except in the village, which is tree lined and a great place to wander. At the post office, located in the village neighbors will often stop to chat with neighbors they only see at the post office when they go to pick up their mail. No home has personal US Post Office delivery. This is the true country feeling. The occupants enjoy that country feeling while knowing that they can easily drive anywhere along the coast.  Rancho, as people fondly refer to it,   Enjoy reading the information on a wonderful area to learn about in San Diego. 

Rancho Santa Fe